cod. 1001180

Academic year 2015/16
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Sociologia dei processi culturali e comunicativi (SPS/08)
"discipline tecniche dell'informazione e della comunicazione"
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

To promote critical and professional approach to the world of communication


Interest and motivations for journalistic and / or advertising profession.

Course unit content

The course is structured in three parts.
1) Analysis of the system of mass communications, with particular reference to the changes that have affected the publishing companies, the profession of journalism, communications companies and communicators.
2) Causes and effects of the '"traffic jam" that the media stems from the proliferation of actors on the information market, exacerbated by the extraordinary diffusion of new media and social media
2.1) A study (practical-operational) on social media. That is journalism and communication 2.0 and using word press.
3) the new status of information and journalistic work in the light of the main constraints that weigh on them: constraints owners (now exclusionary "pure publishers") and becoming increasingly stifling and advertising.

Full programme

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MSSS (Manuale per studenti scritto da studenti), Sociologia della comunicazione ( di massa), Mup Editore, Parma, 2011
G.Triani, L’ingorgo. Sopravvivere al troppo, Eleuthera, Milano, 2010 ( con particolare riferimento ai capitoli dedicati ai media, alla pubblicità e ai consumi)
3. Due testi a scelta fra i seguenti :
3.1 Classici
M.McLuhan, Gli strumenti del comunicare, il Saggiatore, Milano, 2011 ( 1ed. 1967)
V.Packard, I persuasori occulti, Einaudi, Torino, 2007 (1ed.1957)
N. Postman, Divertirsi da morire, Marsilio, Venezia, 2001
Th.Gitlin, Sommersi dai media, Etas, Milano, 2003
3.2 Attualità giornalistica e mediale
M.Travaglio, Colti sul fatto, Garzanti, Milano, 2010
C.Sunstein, Gossip, voci e false dicerie, Feltrinelli, 2010
M.Guarino, Mercanti di parole, Dedalo, Bari, 2012
3.3 New media
Valeriani, Twitter factor, Laterza, Roma, 2011
M.Franchi, Scegliere al tempo di Facebook, Carocci, Roma. 2011
G.Cosenza, SpotPolitik, Laterza, Roma.2012

Teaching methods

The teaching consists of lectures, showings of films, commercials and web campaigns. Links with newsrooms and advertising agencies using web conference and Skype. The final evaluation in thirthies results from the oral examination, posts written for journals of the course ( "newspaper" of water environment and landscape; portal and news of the university neughborhood, site narrative e-commerce; and the production of a "short"(optional)made ​​with digital camera or smartphone.

Assessment methods and criteria

written and oral exam (4 posts + 1 video)

Other information

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