cod. 1005758

Academic year 2013/14
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Indefinito/interdisciplinare (NN)
"altre conoscenze utili per l'inserimento nel mondo del lavoro"
Type of training activity
21 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

1. Demonstrate hardware and equipment skills:
1.1. Demonstrate the safe and proper use of basic laboratory equipment
1.2. Demonstrate proper techniques for debugging/troubleshooting an experimental setup
1.3. Design, build, and characterise a custom set of signal conditioning circuits and transducers to make engineering and/or scientific measurements

2. Demonstrate experimental and analytical skills:
2.1. Demonstrate the design/planning and completion of safe experiments,
2.2. Demonstrate manipulation and presentation of experimentally-obtained data,
2.3. Analyze and compare the results of mathematical and computer modeling of an experiment with actual experimental results

3. Demonstrate the beginnings of professional practice:
3.1. Effectively communicate in written form the design, completion, and analysis of experiments,
3.2. Effectively communicate by oral presentation the design, completion, and analysis of experiments


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Course unit content

This course will consist of a lab project designed to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate their theoretical knowledge of electronics and sensors and to acquaint them with the art and practice of circuit and product design.

Projects include electric, magnetic and piezo sensors, electronic instrumentation such oscillators and signal-conditioning circuits. A specification or functional description will be provided, and the students will design the circuit, select all components, construct a breadboard or a PCB, and test. The objective will be functional, pragmatic, cost-effective designs.

Full programme

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General purpose books:

S. Franco, Design with operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits, 3rd ed., McGrawHill, 2002 (ISBN: 0071207031)

Practical design techniques for sensor signal conditioning, Analog Devices, http://www.analog.com/

Sedra / Smith, Circuiti per la microelettronica, EdiSeS, 4a edizione, 2013, (ISBN: 9788879597340)

Oscillator design (only for a.y. 2013-2014):

R. W. Rhea, Discrete oscillator design, Artech House, 2010, (ISBN: 978-1-60807-047-3)
Agilent technologies, Oscillator design guide, sept. 2004.
ADS manual.

Teaching methods

There will be a laboratory assignment. The project will be developped during 11 weeks (4 consecutive hours per week)
More informations will be available at the beginning of the semester in the web page (lea.unipr.it)

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral presentation of the project before Christmas (50%)
Report due to the end of January (50%)

Other information

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