Average calculation and criteria for determining the degree grade

Article 9 of the Degree Course Regulations - https://cdlm-ie.unipr.it/it/il-corso/regolamento-del-corso-di-studio

1. The final grade is out of 110. 

2. The degree grade is determined by the sum of the admission grade and the grade awarded for the dissertation submitted by the candidate. Students require at least 66/110 to pass. 

3. The admission grade is out of 110 and based on the weighted average of all grades achieved, excluding supernumerary exam grades. It is rounded up to the next whole number if the decimal is higher than or equal to 0.5, and down if less than 0.5. 

4. The graduation committee awards the dissertation a full mark between 0 and 7. 

5. If the final score, the sum of the admission grade and the dissertation grade, exceeds or equals 110, the committee awards the degree grade 110/110 or '110/110 with honours'. Any awarding of honours is made by unanimous approval of the committee. 

6. The qualification obtained is 'graduate of the second-cycle degree in Electronic Engineering (class of second-cycle degrees in Electronic Engineering (LM-29))'. Graduates are awarded the academic title of ‘dottore magistrale’.

7. Graduating students who have served as Student Representatives in the university bodies during their studies are awarded a special mention, and this is noted in the Diploma Supplement.