Part-time student

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, the figure of the part-time student has been introduced at the University of Parma. In fact, the regulation identifying and regulating the status of part-time students in the teaching activities of the university's first- and second-cycle degree courses has been approved.

Part-time means the possibility, granted to each student, of agreeing, at the time of enrolment or during the subsequent academic years of enrolment, on a course of study with a number of university credits equal to 50% of the number of credits provided annually.
See also the attached Course Prospectus for details on the division of courses by year.

Sessions compatible with the special needs of students may be scheduled for courses of an experimental nature involving laboratory classes.

Part-time students are students enrolling or enrolling in regular years of study who, for work, health or personal reasons, find it impossible to devote themselves to full-time studies; this category includes:

  • working students with a contract (subordinate, self-employed or professional) lasting no less than six months,
  • students with a disability equal to or greater than 45% or a certified disability pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law 104/92
  • students with Specific Learning Disorders (DSA)
  • students not occasionally engaged in the care and assistance of non-self-sufficient relatives pursuant to Law 104/92
  • pregnant students
  • students with children up to three years of age
  • students engaged in sporting activities at a high national or international level.

The Academic Authorities reserve the right to carefully consider very exceptional or special requests not included in the above categories.

Further details can be found in the UniPR web site, in the attached Regulations for the enrolment of part-time students in courses of study at the University of Parma and in the Course Prospectus.