Students enrolled in the third year of the degree course may apply for curricular training placements at affiliated private companies or public establishments. Additional companies and public establishments may be proposed after signing an agreement.

Internships and dissertations are designed to train students and facilitate their entry into the world of work. They have many objectives:
- to enable the student to gain significant experience, with high scientific and technological content, in a real business environment
- to acquire important training and orientation experience, and to enrich the CV with skills that are highly valued in future job interviews.
To temporarily leave the comfort zone of the academic world and to live and breathe the working world means investing in one’s own future.

The internship will be awarded 6 CFU (equal to 150 hours in attendance at the company’s office). The internship thus replaces one of the free-choice subjects and is evaluated with a mark in thirties, as regulated by Article 10 - Study Plans (point 3) of the Degree Course Regulation governing the accreditation of curricular internships.

If the Study Plan entails carrying out a curricular internship, the final dissertation must relate to the activity performed during the internship (Annex 4 - point 7 of the Degree Course Regulation).
The student that carries out a curricular intnership, must indicate the academic tutor among the prefessors of the SMFI Department, which is also the thesis supervisor of the final exam.

What to do

For information on the internship please contact:

Prof. Alessio Bosio
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.905257

Prof. Eugenia Polverini
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.905254

Dr. Marco Squarcia
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.906094 

For administrative information please contact the Internships Service, P.le S. Francesco, 3
Dr. Roberta Donaera  
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.902930


For the online procedure, follow the link:
and click on "Procedure for students".
Follow the instructions highlighted in the "PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STUDENTS"

NOTE: The internship begins after the university tutor has accepted the training project submitted by the proposer.

Partner companies


Additional companies and public establishments may be proposed after signing an agreement.