Veterinary Sciences (administrative hub Parma)

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a.a. 2024/2025 - inizio corsi 01/11/2024
3 years
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Department of Veterinary Science
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The Access to doctoral positions is through public selection. All the information and requirements are contained in the relative call for admission.

All information and requirements for admission to the XL cycle – a.y. 2024/2025 – start of courses 01/11/2024 are published on the web page of the PhD – Phd Enrollment.

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Research topics

The aim of the course is to create highly qualified professionals who can be employed in both academic and corporate fields, able to cope with the technological needs of the ever-changing society, constantly taking into consideration environmental sustainability.
The focus of the objectives of the PhD in Medical-Veterinary Sciences can be defined in terms of coordination of the third level of training for all the disciplines that belong to Veterinary Sciences and Animal Production.
In detail, PhD students will be able to:
- deepen the most recent acquisitions in internal medicine, be part of the most modern surgical and obstetric techniques, with a view to implementing and optimizing veterinary clinical practice;
- develop advanced knowledge in the study of the pathogenesis, immunity, and control of infectious diseases, with particular attention to the aspects concerning zoonoses, parasitosis and epidemiological aspects in a current one-health perspective;
- acquire in-depth skills in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology, food microbiology, control of abiotic contamination, also in order to improve food safety.
- approach the most recent innovations in the field of animal production with the aim of improving their quality, in compliance with an ever more attentive environmental sustainability;
- update knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie reproductive biology processes, with the aim of developing specific knowledge for the use of biotechnologies, with respect for animal welfare, to improve reproductive performance and the profitability of livestock farms.


Prof. Gaetano Donofrio

T. 0521 902677 E.