Translational Medical and Surgical Sciences (administrative hub Parma)

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a.a. 2024/2025 - inizio corsi 01/11/2024
3 years
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Department of Medicine and Surgery
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The Access to doctoral positions is through public selection. All the information and requirements are contained in the relative call for admission.

All information and requirements for admission to the XL cycle – a.y. 2024/2025 – start of courses 01/11/2024 are published on the web page of the PhD – Phd Enrollment.

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Research topics

The Doctoral Course in Translational Medical and Surgical Sciences, proposing itself as a multidisciplinary doctorate, has the main objective of preparing researchers who have a global and interdisciplinary vision of medical and surgical sciences. The common denominator of teaching and research activities is the specific transition phase from the "bench", or laboratory bench, to the "bedside", i.e. the clinical application in the real patient.
The close connection between laboratory research and clinical research has the aim of favoring the transfer to medical practice of the discoveries and methodologies acquired through experimental studies. The close link with the clinic will allow doctoral students to deal with real problems, ranging from diagnosis to therapy and from prevention to rehabilitation, in any case attributable to human pathology and patient care.
The rapid interchange between application contexts (clinic and laboratory) in its bi-directionality, will be able to bring the results of clinical and epidemiological observation back to the laboratory, anchoring at the same time the experimental research to themes that arise from ideas and checks carried out directly on the man.


Prof. Nicola Sverzellati

T. 0521 703431 E.