Biotechnology and Life Science (administrative hub Parma)

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a.a. 2024/2025 - inizio corsi 01/11/2024
3 years
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Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Access requirements

The Access to doctoral positions is through public selection. All the information and requirements are contained in the relative call for admission.

All information and requirements for admission to the XL cycle – a.y. 2024/2025 – start of courses 01/11/2024 are published on the web page of the PhD – Phd Enrollment.

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Research topics

The PhD in Biotechnology and Life Science aims to train experts who can carry out advanced research activities in the biological disciplines and biotechnology. The Doctor's research themes concern the study of the function, organization and expression of the genome of microbial, plant and animal organisms (including humans), to deepen their basic knowledge, also in view of possible applications in biotechnology. The methodologies used are mainly those of genetic, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and applied biology. Starting from this common objective and from a highly cross-cutting advanced teaching activity, in order to train PhDs with highly qualified skills in specific areas of Biotechnology and Life Sciences, three main areas of research defined as such: 1) environmental; 2) genetics and microbiology; 3) biochemical-molecular. PhD students will be involved full-time in a research project, to which they will also make critical and proactive contributions. In this way, they will acquire a marked scientific and management autonomy, also thanks to the numerous scientific, national and international collaborations in which they will be involved.


Prof.ssa Elena Maestri 

T. 0521 905687 E.