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Academic year 2016/17
5° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
MUTTI Antonio
integrated course unit
5 credits
course unit
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Learning objectives

The module of Occupational Medicine is a part of the integrated Course of Hygiene, Occupational Medicine and Law. The module aims to provide students a knowledge and understanding on legislation on safety, health and protection in the workplace and ability to use the knowledge and understanding gained in identyfing occupational risk in the workplaces.


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Course unit content

The first part covers legislation on safety, health and protection in the workplace. The second part is occupational diseases and their prevention. The last part of the course concerns health care risk.

Full programme

A Scope of occupational medicine, toxicology and industrial hygiene
1. Aims of Occupational Medicine
2. Basics of Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene
3. Working History and causality criteria in Occupational Medicine
4. Medical and legal obligations in the event of accidents at work and occupational diseases
B analytical tools, risk assessment and risk management
5. Environmental Monitoring
6. Biological Monitoring
7. Health surveillance
C Physical Risk
8. Physical Risk
9. Noise
10. Mechanical vibration
11. Microclimate
12. Manual handling of loads
13. repeated movements
14. Ionizing radiation
15. Non-ionizing radiation
D Chemical risk
16. Chemical risk
17. solvents and other volatile organic compounds
18. Cadmium
19. Cobalt
20. Chrome
21. Manganese
22. Mercury
23. Nickel
24. Lead
25. Particulate Material
26. Asbestos
27. man-made vitreous fibers
28. Pesticides
And biological risk
29. Assessment and management of biological risk
F Labor Organization and workstation
30. Shift work and night work
31. Health and safety at video
32. tumors
33. extrinsic allergic alveolitis
34. Asthma
35. berylliosis
36. Pneumoconiosis (silicosis)
37. nephropathies
38. neuropathies
39. dermopatie
40. Liver disease
41. Heart disease
42. Endocrinopathies
43. Diabetes and Work
44. Pregnancy and Work
45. hemopathies
46. ​​Cigarette Smoking


A. Mutti, M. Corradi "Lezioni di Medicina del Lavoro", Nuova Editrice Berti

Teaching methods

Oral lectures with powerpoint presentations.

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of the achievement of the objectives of the module includes an oral examination for evaluating the knowledge and understanding of the content from the students.

Other information

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