Access requirement

Admission to the second-cycle Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery requires a secondary school diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable according to current legislation.

The admission test for the second-cycle degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English (known as the IMAT, International Medical Admission Test) is unique and identical in content at all test locations. It is prepared by the Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR). The number of places allotted, the date of the admission test, the content and the manner in which the selection is carried out are determined annually by decree of the MUR and are set out in the call for admission.

Applicants are selected by means of a national ranking list; it is therefore assumed that admitted students have an adequate initial preparation, achieved in their previous studies.

Possession of and verification of language skills is compulsory for courses taught solely in a language other than Italian. Students are therefore required to have an adequate knowledge of English (B2 language certification). The methods for testing knowledge of English language level B2 and the knowledge required for admission are defined in the degree course regulations. In the event that the verification is not positive, specific additional training obligations will be laid down, to be fulfilled in the first year of the course, with assessment procedures defined in the degree

Admission procedures

In addition to the cultural knowledge useful for the first year of the course, candidates should possess good human contact and teamwork skills, the ability to analyse and solve problems, to acquire new knowledge and information independently and to be able to evaluate it critically (Maastricht, 1999), good attitudes and sound motivational components.