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What is the M.S. in Communication Engineering?

The Master of Science in Communication Engineering is a two-year international master degree course in Telecommunications, within the broad field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The M.S. in Communication Engineering is offered completely in English. It provides a sound knowledge and methodology in the ICT area, whose current impressive technological innovations are likely to continue for many years to come. It also allows students to improve their command of the English language in a professional context.

Communication Engineering has a solid tradition at the University of Parma. Research at the Department of Engineering is active in all three major ICT areas, namely, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, and Electronics, as well as in reated fields such as Automatic Controls and Power systems. The Department coordinates both advanced research and academic studies. The research activity is carried out by several groups often in collaboration with foreign universities and renowned international institutions. The Department also provides scientific and technical consulting with leading companies and public institutions, both Italian and International. The M.S. program in Communication Engineering capitalizes on its international-level research experience in Digital, Wireless and Optical Communications and Networking.

The M.S. in Communication Engineering is designed for candidates from different academic backgrounds within the ICT area. The main goal of the course is to provide a solid background and advanced insights into statistical signal processing for communications and networking.

The first year of the course provides sound fundamental background tools, while at the same time allowing significant space to interdisciplinary learning by giving students the opportunity to attend courses from other programmes in Engineering. The second year focuses on specific advanced telecommunications disciplines and a final thesis.

The final examination consists of a public defense of the research/survey thesis focusing on a topic consistent with the subjects of the degree course. The research thesis is carried out either within a research group in the Department, or as an internship in a private company.

ICT is the technological reference sector for the Internet. Thus ICT is becoming a key sector for most industrial activities. Thus advanced knowledge in ICT opens up a great many employment opportunities, not only within the ICT field. Our graduates have employment rates close to 100%.

Parma is an ideal destination for foreign students. Famous for its art and history, it offers high standards in public services, and hosts important cultural events. The inhabitants of this medium-sized city are welcoming and friendly. With its many bars and cafés, parks and squares, as well as clubs and associations for leisure activities, life in Parma is pleasant and relaxed. The city is secure, without any violence.

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