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Academic year 2010/11
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Anatomia umana (BIO/16)
Scienze biomediche
Type of training activity
16 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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course unit
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Integrated course unit module: BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (ANATOMY

Learning objectives

To acquire good knowledge of the morphology and the structure of the organs and the apparatuses of the human body.


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Course unit content

Locomotor apparatus. Structural Organization (cytological and molecular) of the Bone, Cartilage and Muscular tissue. Generality on the bones and on the joints. Trunk: spinal column, vertebrae, joints and muscles of the chest.
Circulatory apparatus: the heart (outdoor config, in-house config, structure of the heart, and of the cardiac valves), auriculoventricular valves. Arteries (lay-out of the arteries, arteries of the pulmonary circulation and the general circulation). General organization of the lymphatic circulatory apparatus.Functional and molecular anatomy of the blood-forming organs (bone marrow) and lymphoid organs (thyme, spleen and lymph nodes).
Digestive apparatus. General organization: mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach. Stomach, slim intestine, duodeno, crass intestine. The Liver and the Bilious Tracts. The Pancreas and the pancreatic tracts. The Peritoneum.
Respiratory apparatus. General Organization: Larynx, Trachea, Bronchuses and Bellows. The mechanics of the respiration.
Urinary apparatus. The macroscopic and the microscopic anatomy of the kideny. Molecular and microscopic anatomy of the nephron.
Endosecretory apparatus. General organization. Hypothalamus nucleuses and the neurosecretion. hypophysis. Thyroid and parathyroids. Adrenal glands. The testicles and the ovaries.
Eye: macroscopic and microscopic anatomy. Functional anatomy of the vision: originof the optic nerve.
Ear: macroscopic anatomy of the middle ear and the inside ear. Functional anatomy of the membrane labyrinth: originof the vestibular and of acoustic nerve.

Full programme

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MARTINI F.H.: Anatomia Umana, EdiSES, Napoli

Teaching methods

Oral lessons

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam: multiple choise test

Other information

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