cod. 18006

Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Psicobiologia e psicologia fisiologica (M-PSI/02)
Fondamenti della psicologia
Type of training activity
35 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
course unit

Integrated course unit module: NEUROSCIENCE

Learning objectives

Students are supposed to achieve a good knowledge of neuron property, of anatomical aspects and of functional mechanisms of the nervous system, as a basis for building cognitive abilities.


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Course unit content

General anatomy of the nervous system;Embriology of the nervous system anddifferentiation of the cerebral structures; Techniquesfor the study of the nervous system; Cytologicalfeatures of neurons and glia; Hints onelectrochemical properties; Biological membraneand channels; General physiology of the neuron(rest potential, action potential; electrotoniccurrents); Synaptic transmission (neuromuscularjunction; central synapses; ionotropic andmetabotropic receptors); Types ofneurotransmitters; Anatomy of the spinal cord;Reflexes (electrophysiology and behavioraldescription; stretch and flexor reflex); Structure andbasic functions of brainstem (cranial nerves;reticular formation, brain stem main nuclei;ascending and descending pathways); Vestibularsystem; Posture control; Psychophysics ofperception; Somatosensory receptors andascending pathways; Thalamus; Generalorganization of cerebral cortex; Corticalsomatosensory system (including primary
somatosensory cortex and high order somaticcortical areas); Acoustic system from cochlea toauditory cortex; Anatomy and physiology of thevisual system (retina, visual pathways, primaryvisual area and hints on high order visual areas);Anatomy and physiology of cerebellum and basalganglia; Cortical motor system and hints onsensory-motor transformations; Autonomic nervoussystem; Anatomy and physiology of hypothalamus and limbic system

Full programme

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Fondamenti anatomo-fisiologici dell'attività psichica.A cura di A. Maravita Ed. Poletto

Teaching methods

Teaching will be in blended mode, with frontal lessons in online streaming mode as well, with additional brief online lessons uploaded on the specific platform. In case of emergency imposed by the ongoing covid pandemic, lessons could be delivered in on-line only mode.

Assessment methods and criteria

Exams will be perform orally and, in case of necessity because of the ongoing COVID emergency, in on-line mode.

Other information

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