cod. 17989

Academic year 2020/21
1° year of course - Second semester
- Leonardo FOGASSI
Academic discipline
Fisiologia (BIO/09)
Formazione interdisciplinare
Type of training activity
35 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
course unit

Integrated course unit module: NEUROSCIENCE

Learning objectives

To achieve the knowledge on the anatomical organization and the fundamental neurophysiological mechanisms of brain integrative functions


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Course unit content

Anatomy of spinal cord and encephalon. Basic functioning of motor control and some sensory sistems

Full programme

General anatomy of the nervous system; Techniques for the study of the nervous system; Anatomy of the spinal cord; Reflexes (electrophysiology and behavioral description; Stretch and flexor reflex; Structure and basic functions of brain stem. Cranial nerves; Reticular formation, brain stem main nuclei; ascending and descending pathways; Vestibular system; Posture control; Psychophysics of perception; somatosensory receptors; Thalamus; General organization of cerebral cortex; Somatosensory system (including primary somatosensory cortex and high order somatic cortical areas); acoustic system from cochlea to auditory cortex; Cortical motor system and hints on sensory-motor transformations


Fondamenti anatomo-fisiologici dell'attività psichica. A cura di A. Maravita Ed. Poletto

Teaching methods

Lectures will be in blended fashion, consisting of lectures in presence and streaming, and videorecording uploaded on the course electronic site. In the case of persistency of Covid, lectures will be held only on-line or as videorecordings

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examinations.
If needed, they will be carried out orally in on-line modality

Other information

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