cod. 06194

Academic year 2019/20
1° year of course - First semester
Simonetta Anna VALENTI
Academic discipline
Letteratura francese (L-LIN/03)
Lingue e letterature moderne
Type of training activity
36 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The Course aims at introducing to the study of French contemporay Canadian novel, through the analysis of 3 texts, in which the spatial dimension will be especially examinated.
At the end of the Course, students will be able to:
- read and translate the texts;
- recognize the main themes that caracterize these works, with a particular attention to the spatial dimension;
- explain in French the most relevant characteristics of French Canadian literature, that are present in the 3 novels.


For the Course the linguistic level required is the B2/C1 (European Linguistic Framework).

Course unit content

The Course will analyse some of the most important novels of the contemporary French Canadian Literature, focalizing particularly the spatial dimension.

Full programme

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Gabrielle ROY, "Bonheur d'occasion", Montréal, Editions du Boréal, 2009;

Anne HEBERT, "Kamouraska", Paris, Seuil, 1970, Coll. "Points";

Wajdi MOUAWAD, "Anima", Montréal, Leméac/Actes Sud, 2012.

Teaching methods

The didactic methodology used concerns lessons in praesentia, use of authentic documents and videos in French.

Assessment methods and criteria

The acquisition of students' competences will be tested through an Oral Examination.
The following competences will be tested:
- linguistic and translation competence, particularly from French into Italian;
- knowledge concerning the works examined during he Course;
- correct and fluent oral expression in French;
- capacity for a personal and critical elaboration of the main themes of each work;
- capacity to establish connexions and parallelisms between different authors;
- historical and literary competence, concerning the literay period which is the object of the Course, focusing particularly on the main movements of contemporay French Canadian literature.

The Oral Examination will be considered sufficient (18/30) if the Objectives indicated in the Syllabus have been acquired by the student. In particular, the Oral Examination could obtain a note between 18/30 and 24/30 if the student shows to be able to read, understand, summarize and translate correctly but not fluently the main themes of the works, connecting them in a superficial way with the historical and literary framework of the period.

The student will obtain a note between 25/30 and 27/30 if he/she will show to be able to read, understand, summarize and translate the texts, in a fluent and correct way, focusing the main themes of each work, and connecting them to historical and literary framework of the period.

A note between 28/30 and 30/30 will be attributed to students having shown to be able to read, understand, summarize and translate in a personal and critical way each work, explaining clearly the main themes and relating them exhaustively to the the historical and literary framework of the period.

Other information

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