cod. 1005855

Academic year 2019/20
1° year of course - Second semester
- Andrea ARTONI
Academic discipline
Geologia stratigrafica e sedimentologica (GEO/02)
Discipline geologiche e paleontologiche
Type of training activity
64 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The Course aims to introduce students to knowledge and understanding of the "theory" at the base of the main geological and geophysical techniques for Subsurface Geology that, nowadays, represents one of the most important topic for the Earth Sciences and for Petroleum Exploration. Then, it aims to introduce to apply these knowledge to the reconstruction and representation of subsurface geological model. Finally, it intends to make students able to compare, evaluate and criticize geological models reconstructed by means of different techniques either known during the course (subsurface geological and geophysical techniques) or known during previous years of education (surface geological techniques).


Advanced Knowledge of Applied Geophysics

Course unit content

Seismic Reflection Surveying.
Gravity and Magnetic Surveying.
Introduction to Geophysical Borehole Logging.
Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy.
Seismic Interpretation.
Subsurface Geological Mapping.
Integration of Surface and Subsurface Geology.

Full programme

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Text Book

Drury S. et al., Basin Analysis Techniques. The Open University Press,
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, U.K.

References Books

Walker G.L., Subsurface Geological Mapping. Prentice Hall PTR, USA.

Withjack M.A., Bally A.W. et al., Seismic Expression of Structural Styles,
Geol. Soc. Of America Short Course, USA.

Badley E.M., Practical Seismic Interpretation. Riedel Publishing Company,
Boston, USA.

Asquit G., Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists. AAPG,

Teaching methods

The course consists of oral lectures and practical activities concerning the interpretation of seismic reflection lines in different tectonics and stratigraphic frameworks.

Assessment methods and criteria

The final grading will be based on:
1) Practical exercises. Grades from 0 to 30.
The date of the practical exercise is noticed and agree two weeks in advance; no online registration is requested. The grade will be noticed two weeks after the date of the practical exercise.

2) oral examination of 30-45 minutes about the following topics:
a) knowledge and understanding of the theoretical bases of the Subsurface Geological and Geophysical techniques. Grades from 0 to 30.
b) discussion concerning a practical exercise equal or very similar to practical exercise carried out during the course. For the evaluation of this part
of the oral exam, it is taken into account the participation to the course during classes (frequencies of attendance, questions, participation to
discussions). Grades from 0 to 30.
Online registration is requested for the oral examination.

The final grades is the calculated arithmetic mean of the grades obatined in the practical exercises (grade in point 1) and oral examination (grade in point 2a, 2b).

The final grade will be noticed at the end of the oral examination.

Other information

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