cod. 1007282

Academic year 2019/20
3° year of course -
Academic discipline
Scienze tecniche mediche applicate (MED/50)
Laboratori professionali dello specifico ssd
Type of training activity
25 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING III

Learning objectives

To acquire the ability to self-practise activities of prevention, evaluation and functional rehabilitation of the communicative, linguistic and cognitive disabilities studied during the 3 years applying different methods of evaluation and intervention, Planning the Times and checking out-comes. Learn to evaluate and prepare the appropriate rehabilitation setting for the therapeutic exercise to ensure the best possible conditions for both the patient and the therapist


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Course unit content

The laboratory allows to deepen from the point of view for the most practical the evaluation and rehabilitation Logopedica of the pathologies in depth during the three years in the Didactics Professional (MED50) and to prepare thus the student with the final examination

Full programme

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Collana di libri edita in collaborazione con la Federazione Logopedisti Italiani diretta da L. Marotta
1)"I Disturbi del linguaggio". Ed. Erickson
2)E. Mariani, L. Marotta, M. Pieretti (a cura di) "Presa in carico ed Intervento nei disturbi dello sviluppo" Ed. EricKson
3) L. Sabbadini " "La disprassia in età evolutiva. Criteri di valutazione ed intervento" Ed. Springler
4) L. Sabbadini " Disturbi specifici del linguaggio, disprassie e funzioni esecutive. Con una raccolta di casi clinici ed esempi di terapia." Ed. Springler
5)"Percorsi di Riabilitazione. Funzioni secutive nei Disturbi di Linguaggio". Ed. Erickson
Collana di libri edita in collaborazione con la Federazione Logopedisti Italiani diretta da L. Marotta 1)"Intervento logopedico nei DSA. La Dislessia". Ed. Erickson
2)"Intervento logopedico nei DSA. La Discalculia". Ed. Erickson
3)"Intervento logopedico nei DSA. La Scrittura" Ed. Erickson
4)"Funzioni esecutive nei DSA Ed. Erickson

Teaching methods

The laboratory foresees different types of didactic activities:
-Theoretical/practical in-depth seminars on topics addressed in Didactics Professional (MED50)-Study of clinical cases through video viewing;
-Study of clinical cases through the analysis of clinical data (anamnestic and clinical data, LOGOPEDICI test results, rehabilitation projects...)
-Exposure by the students (in groups or individually) of clinical cases (evaluation and rehabilitation aspects) with subsequent choral discussion.

Assessment methods and criteria

Elaborate written about the topics exposed during the lab accompanied by files in Power Point

Other information

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