Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (administrative hub Firenze-cycles 37°,38°,39°,40)(administrative hub Parma-cycles 35°,36°)

Postgraduate type
3 years
In summary
administrative hub Firenze - Parma and Ferrara in agreement
Further information
Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Access requirements

The Access to doctoral positions is through public selection. All the information and requirements are contained in the relative call for admission.

For INFO of the next call 40h cycle a.y. 2024/2025 see the website of the University of Firenze https://www.unifi.it/changelang-eng.html (Parma and Ferrara in agreement)

Link to the call
Research topics

The PhD program in a nutshell. The doctoral program in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology aims at preparing experts on biological diversity and its evolution, animal behavior, and relationships of all living beings, including humans, among them and with the environment. The doctoral program is promoted by the scientific community of three different universities: University of Ferrara, University of Florence and University of Parma, where highly qualified research groups, are actively engaged in the following areas (curricula):

  1. Plant biology and biotechnology
  2. Ecology and ethology
  3. Genetics and Evolution

Prof. Duccio Cavalieri (administrative hub Firenze)

T. 0554574717 E. duccio.cavalieri@unifi.it

Local Referent (Parma): Prof. Pierluigi Viaroli

T. 0521 905683 E. pierluigi.viaroli@unipr.it