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Academic year 2011/12
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Economia aziendale (SECS-P/07)
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40 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
hub: PARMA
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Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to identify the characteristics of management, organization and economic measurement of all the establishments that provide services without economic exchange, starting with identification of the business characteristics of public administrations and their autonomy in the public system. The intention of the course is to provide reference outlines for understanding the decision making methods of political and technical bodies. The course examines the main processes of change that over recent years have characterized the whole Italian public
administration, the consequences on the activities carried out and on the satisfaction of needs. The course also deals with the topics of assessment and financing of public entities, as reference criteria for understanding the reforms of the public sector. The course will also consider non-profit concerns, a significant phenomenon of the current economic situation, in their relations with public entities.


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Course unit content

The course will go into the following aspects in depth:
1. Definition of public entity
2. The system of Public Entities: the public sector and levels of government
3. The Autonomy model: organizational autonomy and financial autonomy
4. The concept of cost-effectiveness
5. Financing: criteria and methods of transfer
6. The process of change in public administrations
7. Public management
8. Programming and control
9. Public businesses
10. Non-profit concerns
11. Accounting of Public Bodies: basic elements

Full programme

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ZANGRANDI A.,Economia delle aziende pubbliche, Milano, Egea (2008)

Teaching methods


Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam

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