cod. 1006908

Academic year 2016/17
1° year of course -
Academic discipline
Disegno (ICAR/17)
"rappresentazione dell'architettura e dell'ambiente"
Type of training activity
20 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: EXECUTIVE DESIGN STUDIO

Learning objectives

Knowledge and ability to communicate
The goal is to consolidate the acquisitions fundamental to correct and complete description of constructed object and its components, in order to its comprehensive and detailed representation. both two-dimensional and tridimensional.

The acquired skills are related to the ability to identify the tools and techniques, from time to time, most suitable for the description and communication of architectural design.

Making judgments
At the exam the student must have developed the ability to critically evaluate what tools and techniques are the most appropriate representation in the design of survey and design of specific features of architecture.

Communication skills
Students will develop the ability to describe and communicate at different scales over the place, the architectural space and their components, through the application of knowledge representation techniques relating to new advanced digital instrumentation design.

Learning skills
The exercises assigned on survey and project, expressed in required final work, aim to consolidate the student in correct use of representation methods and use of the most advanced computerized design, the student should have acquired knowledge and skills of discipline to deal with, hereafter, deepening and standalone application of these aspects.


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Course unit content

The course of Contemporary Architectural Drawing (2 CFU) is an integral part of the Executive Representation Laboratory.
The course aims to address the issue of Representation of the project, with a specific reference to the notation (symbols) taken in the normally used size scales, in the transition from general architectural design to working drawing construction.
The topic will be addressed through the analysis of examples of contemporary architecture representations, analyzing how the graphical tool of the project foreshadowing, even in its most articulated sense of three-dimensional visualization in context, can be used in both the transmission of more technical facts, which distribution, geometric shapes and volumes that define a structure, both in the transmission of the preceptive quality of architecture designed and its insertion into an existing or imagined context.

Full programme

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Teaching methods

The program is conducted by identifying the right mode of reading and representation of the urban environment, its paths and environments and through the representation of its components, meaning the drawing as a means of documentation and study for the representation of the architectural and urban context.
In every lessons it is analyzed the role of representation for the management of survey and project, from conceptual design to the realization, implemented through the description of a series of symbolic examples.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists of the presentation of the drawings prepared on the Workshop themes and previously agreed with the teachers of all the modules, considered as evidence the training experience understood as a critical ability to select the most appropriate representation techniques and an oral examination having on the topics presented in the lectures.

Other information

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