Course presentation

Industrial Chemistry uses basic chemical knowledge for the research and the development of processes aimed at obtaining products and materials of industrial interest.
The second-cycle Degree Course in Industrial Chemistry offers training in the most topical aspects of the chemical industry, such as the study of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable synthesis processes and the development of innovative materials for various application sectors.
The curriculum includes 14 course units (3 in English), 2 of which are free-choice, and concludes with a 6-month experimental thesis work.

Employment opportunities

The course prepares for the profession of industrial chemist with job opportunities in research, development and process control laboratories in various industrial sectors where chemical knowledge is required, as in production, quality control, and environmental safety and protection.
The second-cycle Degree in Industrial Chemistry also prepares the students for access to the liberal professions and for further study within the framework of PhD courses, typically in the fields of chemical sciences, applied chemistry and materials science.

Double international title

Since A.Y. 2019/2020, a Double Degree agreement with the University of Twente (The Netherlands) has been active, which allows interested students to acquire, in addition to the second-cycle degree in Industrial Chemistry, the Second-cycle degree in Chemical Engineering.