cod. 16063

Academic year 2013/14
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Neuropsichiatria infantile (MED/39)
Scienze interdisciplinari e cliniche
Type of training activity
21 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
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course unit
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Integrated course unit module: PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY

Learning objectives

Atthe end of the course the studens knows and recognise signs and symptoms of neurological diseases in newborns and children and is able to apply this knowledge for rehabilitation projects


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Course unit content

Object and methods; Neural plasticity; Motor and cognitive development; Neonatal and child neurology; Epilepsia; Intracranial and spinal neoplasies; Autism

Full programme

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R. Militerni"neuropsichiatria infantile Ed. Idelson-Gnocchi M. De Negri "manuale di neuropsichiatria infantile"Ed. Piccin A. Marini "Elementi di psicolinguistica generale"Ed. Springer N. Florida "Argomenti di neurolonguistica" Ed. Il Cerro

Teaching methods

oral lectures and audiovisual meterial

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam

Other information

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