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The Master's degree programme in "Global Food Law: Sustainability Challenges and Innovation" (LM SC-GIUR) aims to train professionals specialised in the food sector, examining the challenges of sustainability and innovation in the agri-food industry from various legal, political, sociological, agricultural and economic perspectives.
The course primarily aims to educate legal experts capable of addressing the needs of a society increasingly open to new professional roles across multiple disciplines. Therefore, it is characterised by strong interdisciplinarity, providing skills not only in law but also in areas related to the extensive field of food.
The course is distinguished by its focus on the quality of teaching, increasingly oriented towards a hands-on and experiential approach, and it offers opportunities for visits and internships in innovative companies, specifically within the food sector.

The Course is part of a broader project, Food For Future, for which the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies has been awarded the title of Department of Excellence for the five-year term 2023-2027 ( )

Second cycle degree course
Open access with verification of requirements
course in English
class LM SC-GIUR
120 credits


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