Non-selective test

In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, admission to the second-cycle degree is subject to an interview to verify the adequacy of the student's personal preparation. This check will be deemed automatically passed if the grade obtained in the first-cycle degree course is equal to or higher than 90/110 (or equivalent grade for degrees obtained abroad). The verification of the curricular requirements of the first-cycle degree course and the assessment of each individual student will be carried out by the Course Teaching Committee, by means of an interview, the calendar for which can be consulted under Teaching Committee and Assessment Calendar).
On the basis of the results of the assessment of individual preparation, the Committee may require, for admission purposes, the attendance of courses, also at first level, with subsequent passing of an interview or examination. This may be done by registering for two individual examinations per year or for a maximum of 20 ECTS credits.

Assessment tests

The schedule of assessment tests (interviews with the course teaching committee) for students who do not meet the requirements for direct access is as follows 

  • 7 april 2023 - 11.30  a.m.

  • 3 november 2023 - 11.30 a.m.