Admission test

The degree course in Business Administration and Management (ADA) is open access.
However, before carrying out the online enrolment procedure, students interested in enrolling in ADA must carefully read the information in the section of the website entitled "Enrolment procedures and deadlines" to check that they meet the admission requirements and whether they must attend the admission interview.

Admission interview

Direct access is available to three-year university graduates who meet the admission requirements (see section "Application procedures and deadlines") and have obtained a degree with a mark of 95/110 or higher. Admission of three-year graduates with a score of less than 95/110 is subject to passing an oral interview on the subjects of Institutions of Business Administration, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Analytical Accounting and Commercial Law. The purpose of the interview is to test the candidate's basic skills, so that they can start their Second-cycle degree course with the knowledge they need to do so effectively. 
If the candidate fails the interview, he/she is given the opportunity to reapply for the next interview and guidance on how to prepare more effectively.

Academic year 2023/2024: Deadlines -  Application form

To apply for the interview you must submit an application* to be sent - scanned - to:  and